Central America, Panama & Caribbean Cruises

Central America, Panama and Caribbean - Hero Image
Central America, Panama and Caribbean - Hero Image

For those seeking a holiday filled with beautiful beach days and bucket-list adventures, a cruise to Central America and the Caribbean is the way to go. Discover crystal-clear waters, misty rainforests and colourful colonial towns with our collection of Caribbean, Central America and Panama Canal cruises. We’ve hand-picked the best cruise itineraries in the region and combined them with exclusive bonus extras you won’t find anywhere else, like flights, pre and post-cruise discoveries, luxury upgrades, rail journeys and so much more.  

Caribbean Cruise Holidays 

Be sure to switch your clocks to ‘Island Time’ before setting sail on a Caribbean cruise. Snorkel with manta rays, uncover ancient jungle ruins and explore vibrant colonial towns in the must-visit islands of Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Aruba. Or slow things down by lazing on the sun-drenched beaches and swimming in the azure blue waters of the Bahamas. A Caribbean voyage can be as relaxed or packed with adventure as you like. 

Central America Cruise Holidays 

Discover everything from rocky volcanoes and lush jungles to pristine beaches and colourful coral cays on a Central America cruise holiday. Get up close and personal with historic Mayan ruins on a Mexican voyage, or cruise to Costa Rica to meet local sloths and zipline across the treetops. Snorkel the vibrant reefs of Honduras and plunge into the famous Blue Hole in Belize. Central America is brimming with natural splendour. 

Panama Canal Cruise Holidays 

Marvel at one of the world’s most astonishing man-made wonders on a Panama Canal journey. As you take the world’s greatest shortcut, visit other captivating tropical destinations, each steeped in culture, history and natural beauty. From hiking active volcanoes to exploring colourful colonial architecture, a Panama Canal cruise offers the ultimate bucket-list discovery.  

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