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Want to explore the world in luxury and style? There are endless good reasons to embark on a cruise holiday, namely that all you need to do is unpack once and let your floating hotel take you from destination to destination.

Check out our incredible cruise destinations above to discover the diverse range of voyages available with My Cruises. Whether you’re looking for a shorter, family-friendly cruise with plenty of activities on offer to longer cruises that span the open seas, our collection of cruise holidays allow you to stop at fascinating ports in hard-to-reach destinations or view places you’ve seen before from a new, elevated perspective!

Our cruise holidays are filled with bucket-list moments. Uncover historic treasures in destinations like Europe and the Middle East, witness breathtaking landscapes in Australia, Africa and South America or relax on the sun-drenched beaches of South East Asia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the perfect cruise holiday for you!

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