South America & Antarctica Cruises

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South America and Antarctica - Hero Image
South America and Antarctica - Hero Image

Perfect for the modern explorer, a voyage to South America and Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For a cruise holiday that’s packed with adventure and breathtaking landscapes, discover our collection of South America and Antarctica cruises. We’ve hand-picked the best cruise itineraries in the region and combined them with exclusive bonus extras you won’t find anywhere else, like flights, pre and post-cruise discoveries, luxury upgrades, rail journeys and so much more. 

South America Cruise Holidays 

Set sail to the incredibly diverse continent of South America, where you’ll find everything from sun-drenched sandy beaches to colossal ice-carved fjords. Cruise to Argentina to tango down the colourful streets of Buenos Aires and savour fine Argentinian cuisine and wine. Unravel the ancient history of the Incas in Peru or journey to Colombia to explore colonial cities and swim in crystal clear waters. Explore the towering fjords, snow-capped peaks and active glaciers of Patagonia, stretching across the southern regions of Chile and Argentina or embark on a vibrant voyage to Brazil to kick back on the tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro or marvel at the natural wonder of Iguazu Falls. Or for a rugged adventure you’ll remember forever, head to the Falkland Islands, where you’ll get up close and personal with several different species of penguins.  

Antarctica Cruise Holidays 

Journey to the ends of the earth on one of our awe-inspiring Antarctica cruises. Here, you’ll witness dramatic icebergs, snow-crusted glaciers, rugged mountain peaks and clear blue bays. During your Antarctica voyage, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to see some of the world’s most incredible sea mammals up close. Watch as humpback whales glide gracefully through the water, tuxedoed-looking penguins waddle across icebergs and elephant seals lounge on rocky shores. Explore our range of life-changing Antarctica cruises below.  

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