North Asia

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Boasting a chaotic blend of futuristic cities, traditional architecture and exotic landscapes, Asia offers a holiday experience like no other. Unlock the mysteries of the East with our collection of North Asia cruises. We’ve hand-picked the best cruise itineraries in the region and combined them with exclusive bonus extras you won’t find anywhere else, like flights, pre and post-cruise discoveries, luxury upgrades, rail journeys and so much more.  

Japan and Korea Cruise Holidays 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Asia’s most iconic destinations with a cruise to Japan and Korea. Jump onboard a Japan cruise to explore the torii gates of Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine, admire the beauty of Mt Fuji and take in kaleidoscopic Tokyo, home to the buzzing Shibuya Crossing. Or set sail to South Korea to visit centuries-old palaces and sample next-level seafood.  

China Cruise Holidays 

Boasting ancient temples, breathtaking natural wonders and cutting-edge metropolises, a cruise to China is a feast for all the senses. Journey to Beijing to wander the palaces and courtyards of the Forbidden City or tick one of the Seven Wonders of the World off your bucket-list with a visit to the Great Wall of China. Admire Shanghai’s impressive skyline from the Huangpu River and discover the tropical beaches of Hainan Island.  

Taiwan and Hong Kong Cruise Holidays 

For the ultimate foodie adventure, set sail to Hong Kong and Taiwan to experience vibrant markets and savour unique street food. Be swept away by the electric energy of Hong Kong, home to towering skyscrapers that give way to misty mountaintops. Or journey to Taiwan to explore the Longshan Temple in Taipei and Kaohsiung’s scenic Lotus Lake. Discover our range of breathtaking Asia cruises below.  

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