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Expedition Cruises

Rediscover Your Spirit of Adventure With an Expedition Cruise 

Discover the unparalleled adventure of the world’s most rugged and pristine destinations with an expedition cruise. Gaze at incredible scenery, witness untouched beauty and delight in up-close encounters with wildlife and nature. 

My Cruises work with a selection of phenomenal expedition cruise partners that share our vision of bringing you inspiring itineraries on the most up-to-date ships, that are both safe and supremely comfortable.  

Our Cruise Experts bring you expeditions designed to heighten your understanding of each destination you visit. Experience unscripted adventure to every corner of the globe with expert guides, naturalists, scientists, and botanists enhancing your journey along the way. Choose from adventurous expeditions to Antarctica, Canada, the Kimberley, Amazon River and beyond.  

To find out more about our highly recommended selection of expedition cruises, contact our Cruise Holiday Experts now. 

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