Why Book with a CLIA Accredited Agent?

Sound familiar? You and your family are ready for a holiday and have decided to try a cruise for the first time. Woo hoo! You look at what’s on offer and are inundated with a myriad of cruise lines, ships, destinations and ways to book. It can be unbelievably confusing, especially if your new to cruising. Trying to navigate your way through the sea of options is the last thing you want to do. Surely there’s a better way?

With such a fast-growing industry, this scenario is becoming more and more common.  You don’t want to be bogged down with details, you want to focus on the destinations you’d like to visit, the facilities you want to have at hand and ideally, the experiences you want included on your exciting cruise. To embark on your perfect cruise holiday – without all the hassle – it’s also worth thinking about booking your cruise through a CLIA accredited agent, like our holiday experts at My Cruises. CLIA is the largest, international association for cruise lines, and is focused entirely on furthering the cruise industry in sustainable, safe and innovative ways.

With this association’s credible mission, reputation and policies, there are numerous benefits when choosing to book with a CLIA Agent. We’ve pulled together 4 main reasons that will quickly make heading to a CLIA Agent, your first port of call when booking a cruise holiday.

Peace of Mind

CLIA is focused on creating an industry that is unchallenged when it comes to the safety of members, cruisers and the wider environment. CLIA works only with cruise lines that are committed to sustainability, safety and innovation. They intentionally support cruise lines that boast not just passenger enjoyment, but the happiness of their staff as well. I don’t know about you – but this kind of backing certainly gives me peace of mind when booking a cruise.  CLIA partners are simply top-notch compared to the rest.


When it comes to booking your holiday, one of the worst things to endure is having to constantly dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s. Why consider every little detail and read every fine print when there is an organisation out there that has done the hard work for you? The fantastic thing about CLIA accredited agents, is that they are 1-stop shops. Let your CLIA agent focus on the little things and use that time to get excited about what to pack!

Extra Value

Ok, surely we’re not the only ones who love a bit of extra value and special prices?  Especially when it comes to holidays? By being part of a wider network, CLIA agents have access to those special prices and exclusive deals, plus they have the power to truly compare the cruising landscape, meaning you’ll get the best deal there is. More money to spend on cocktails and massages by the pool – am I right?

Tailor-Made Travel

We all have different likes and dislikes in this world– that’s a given. We don’t all fit into cookie-cutter trips and sometimes we need those extra little changes to make a holiday our own kind of perfect, right? Here’s another big perk of CLIA – their agents understand this completely and work with you to tailor your holiday to make sure it’s perfect to you and you alone. VIP service and a tailor-made cruise? Yes please!


My Cruises agents are CLIA accredited agents and were finalists for best largest agency and the best agent in 2018. Bespoke cruises with the confidence of CLIA accredited partners is just the cherry on top. My Cruises have not only tried and tested our cruise holidays, we go another step better and include transfers, flights and the best accommodation available for you to truly enjoy your cruise experience.


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