The Best Rockies & Alaska Holiday

Take a minute, close your eyes & imagine walking towards the beautiful Lake Louise, surrounded by mountains that dominate the skyline. You take a deep breath & bask in the beauty of Banff National park. A site so picturesque it has been in the back of your mind for years now.

Surely the pine trees, mirror covered lake, mountains & crisp air, is a dream. These experiences & these sights are ultimates on your bucket list, something you didn’t actually think could be possible.

You are here though, this is happening, you are standing here in the infamous Rockies, and here is the best part; this is only the start of your epic adventure through Canada and Alaska!

Open your eyes now – how did that feel?

These feelings, these sights, this adventure are all possibilities & it is time to make them come true.

Now I get it with so many deals out there – how do you know which is the best way to experience these two magnificent bucket-list destinations? Unlike other deals, My Cruises combine the works. Think convenience, hand-picked experiences & peace-of-mind. This all means you are there, in the National Park, completely in the moment, soaking it all up, not a care in the world.

Guaranteed departures, tipping, beverage packages, National Park entrance are all items you need not bother add to your pre-travel to do list! My Cruises have it sorted. All you need to think about is packing your bags and getting excited – making it the best holiday package available and the best way to experience the Canadian Rockies and Alaska!


Paradise at Sea

Customised specifically for you to feel immersed in the incredible Alaskan surrounds, Norwegian Joy is the premium Alaskan cruise vessel. The climate-controlled Observation Lounge is your cosy, theatre-esque viewing platform to the otherworldly, ice-capped wonders.

The tip of the iceberg? A complimentary upgrade to mid-ship staterooms giving your 7 awe-inspiring smooth cruising nights, at no extra cost!

Immersive Tours & Exploration

Explore the Canadian Rockies and discover vast, mirror-like lakes, with guaranteed departure dates. Retreat to hand-picked hotels in great, centralised locations across 9 nights. A day here and a night there are not enough in the spectacular Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, so instead enjoy 2 nights in both parks. This leisurely tour includes all main attractions plus, local guides and a dedicated Tour Director providing local knowledge the whole way.

Drinks, Flights & Everything Nice

Not only have My Cruises pre-paid your gratuities taking away any hassles or hidden costs on your trip, – and saving you up to $300 – we’ve also set you up with the Ultimate Beverage Package worth up to $2300 onboard your cruise.

To get there and back, we’ve included the best and most direct connections available on full-service carriers making sure you travel in comfort, ready to jump straight into this amazing holiday. With $4000 worth on bonus extras, this exclusive package leaves nothing to chance.